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Greater Huntsville Pastors Prayer Summit
Free Cabin for Huntsville Pastors!

Free Cabin for Huntsville Pastors!

Glenn Tillery has extended a "very" generous invitation regarding some property and a cabin in he has dedicated as a place of prayer and retreat that he offers the use of freely to the pastors within our community.

I have included a personal letter from him below with further details and contact information for you.

May this cabin truly become "Holy Ground" and a sanctuary where the shepherds of our community might experience a profound encounter with God ... face-to-face ... and may Glenn receive the abundant reward fitting for giving such a gift to the pastors of our community.

To all pastors in Huntsville,

My name is Glenn Tillery and I am a member of The Church at Hampton Cove. Earlier this year I purchased a cabin with ten wooded acres on top of Bingham Mountain in the Paint Rock area. The Lord gave me a vision for this type of property about 2 years ago. The purpose of the cabin is for spiritual retreats. I am offering it first to pastors in the Huntsville area as a place to get away from the noise and distractions of our busy lives to seek the Lord. I have longed for a place where I can go and meet with the Lord without the distractions of the things of the world. This place is perfect for that. It is isolated and safe. Jesus himself set the example of going to wilderness or lonely places to pray and fast (see Luke 5:16 and 6:12). Often these were on a mountain. He would return from these times of prayer and fasting refreshed and focused on ministry. If Jesus himself could not do without times of isolated prayer and fasting, how much more do we need this.

If you have longed for a place like this where you can seek the Lord, then this cabin is there for you. It's for anyone needing a spiritual retreat to meet with the Lord for prayer, plan a Sunday School lesson or sermon, or to simply be refreshed. I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, the sole purpose of which is to get you to the property, which is about 13 miles and about a thirty minute drive from Hampton Cove. There is no charge for the use of the vehicle or cabin, but refilling the gas tank is appreciated. Anyone can use it, but keep in mind the focus of the property is for prayer and not a vacation home.

The cabin has a main floor with kitchen, couch, chair, and kitchen table. There is a bathroom with a toilet and a tub. There is also a sleeping loft, and the cabin has beds for up to five people. There is a propane heater for those cold winter days. There is water from a well to flush the toilet or wash off the dishes but it isn't good for drinking. You will need to bring your own drinking water. There are propane, oil, and battery powered lanterns. Outside, there is a nice front porch with two rockers and a swing. There is a picnic table, a propane grill, a propane stove, a charcoal fireplace and a rock pit for building fires.

I have a detailed map of how to get there and a 4X4 vehicle you can take. If you like to use the cabin contact me days at 652-6433 or nights 533-3244. My email is Please pass this letter along to any ministers that might be interested in using this facility.

Glenn Tillery