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Greater Huntsville Pastors Prayer Summit

November Mini-Summit
Please note the following information regarding the November Pastors Prayer Summit with the host location for this month being Cove United Methodist Church.

Another Very Important Update:

Area-Wide MLK Emancipation Proclamation - VBC and PREPARATION

Special Note: Preparations are now occurring for the upcoming Area-Wide Martin Luther King Emancipation Proclamation Celebration that will occur in the Von Braun Center January 15th.

Please see the letter in teh above link from GHIMF President, Dr. Oscar Montgomery, that was sent to all pastors/churches in Madison county last week. PLEASE speak personally with other pastors and consider encouraging them to prayerfully consider joining with other pastors and congregations from throughout the Greater Huntsville area during this special celebration.

If your congregation would be willing to participate in any of the special areas of involvement, please provide any helpful contact information through the ONLINE FORM at

Note a preliminary meeting with participating choir/music directors is scheduled for 11:30am November 14th in the main sanctuary of First Missionary Baptist Church with Dr. Janette Kotey -

Monthly Mini-Summit!

Greater Huntsville Pastors Prayer Summit

Monthly Mini-Summit
November 2005
Mini-Summit Time

Mini-Summits occur the 2nd Thursday of each month.

November Mini-Summit

Thursday November 10th

Please note that the mini-summit for the month of November will be hosted by the Cove United Methodist Church and Pastor John Tanner. The location and directions are included.

Meet and Greet: 10:00am
Prayer: 10:30am
Lunch: 12:00pm
Mini-Summit Location

Cove United Methodist Church
366 Old Highway 431
Hampton Cove, AL 35763
Phone: (256)539-2683

Map and Directions (PDF)

Steering Team

Please note there will also be a meeting of the Servant Leadership Team at 8:30am in the same location.
Host Possibilities? If your church or ministry would be willing to host a mini-summit one month, or you would like to recommend a location that may be a strategic site for a future month, please let us know! Email: Host Possibility

Host Ministry Highlight
Cove United Methodist Church


Cove Church
366 Old Highway 431
Hampton Cove, AL 35763

Phone: (256) 539-2683

Contact Us

Cove United Methodist Church

Cove Church was founded in 1997 with a vision of serving our growing community with a strong biblical emphasis, a fresh contemporary style, and excellent ministries to children and youth. We have grown to over 800 in worship attendance each week and over 400 involved in C-groups.

Our Vision
To Be a Biblically Functioning Community.

Our Mission
To help people Discover a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and Develop and Demonstrate a Christ-like lifestyle.

Our Strategy The 3 C's-
Celebration Services
Cell Groups (Small Groups)
Call to Ministry

"... All the believers were together and had everything in common ... they continued to meet together...they broke bread together in their homes." Acts 2

Cove's Priority on Small Groups
Cove Church has become literally a Church of Small Groups. Our master plan for organizing the entire congregation calls for every adult member to be in one of our small groups called C-Groups. We are fast becoming a church where no one stands alone and we all stand together! Currently 80% of our adults are actively involved in a C-Group. This C-Group network is a strategic aspect of our Vision as a become a Biblically-functioning Community of Christ-followers just like the folks in Acts 2.

What is a C-Group?
The "C" stands for Christ, Cove, Cell, Community, Connected, Commitment and Church. Each C-Group is made up of 6-16 adults that meet 2-4 times monthly for about 2 hours in the relaxed setting of homes. C-Groups usually kick off in January and September then meet for 12-24 months. During this time you can really get close to the others in your C-Group. Each group maintains a balance of three key ingredients: authentic Christ-centered relationships, relevant Bible discussions and informal prayer for one another.

Being in a C-group gives you the opportunity to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, get to know and love a few people well and stay plugged in to the exciting ministries around Cove Church.

C-Groups ... a whole new way of being and doing Church together!

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