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Greater Huntsville Pastors Prayer Summit
Monthly Mini-Summit!

Greater Huntsville Pastors Prayer Summit

Monthly Mini-Summit
April 2006
Mini-Summit Time

Mini-Summits occur the 2nd Thursday of each month.

April Mini-Summit

Thursday April 13th

Please note that the mini-summit for the month of April will be hosted by The Dwelling Place and Pastor Patrick Penn. The location and directions are included.

Meet and Greet: 10:00am
Prayer: 10:30am
Lunch: 12:00pm
Mini-Summit Location

The Dwelling Place
2550 Redstone Rd SW
Huntsville, AL 35803
Phone:(256) 883-6616

Map and Directions

Steering Team

Please note there will also be a meeting of the Servant Leadership Team at 8:30am in the same location.
Host Possibilities? If your church or ministry would be willing to host a mini-summit one month, or you would like to recommend a location that may be a strategic site for a future month, please let us know! Email: Host Possibility

Host Ministry Highlight
The Dwelling Place

The Dwelling Place
2550 Redstone Rd SW
Huntsville, AL 35803
Phone:(256) 883-6616

About The Dwelling Place


To be passionately in love with Jesus and committed to living, preaching and demonstrating the Kingdom of God.


To see every kindred, tongue, people and nation redeemed unto God to become His Dwelling Place.

"Now the dwelling of God is with men and He will live with them." -- A Loud Voice from the Throne


Prayer: God's purposes are accomplished on earth through the intercession of His church. We are to pray for His Kingdom to come and His Will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. His House is to be called a House of Prayer.
Worship: Passionate worship allows us to express our love toward God. As we worship Him in Spirit and in truth we encounter an intimate relationship between our heart and His.
Outreach: Jesus said to go into all the world and preach the gospel therefore we participate in and support local and global evangelism.

Equipping: Every person has a God given destiny. Unfortunately many people never fulfill that destiny even among believers. It is vital therefore that all believers discover their destiny in Christ and that they are released into it. The present ministry of the Fivefold ministry gifts (i.e. apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers) were given to equip and prepare God's people. This is accomplished through teaching, discipleship, activation and impartation.
Family: The most important relationship outside of our personal relationship with God is our relationship with our family. If we are not real in our own house, we are not real anywhere.
Youth: Malachi 4:5-6 states that before the Lord returns that the spirit of Elijah will come to turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers. Joel 2:28 states that in the last days "your sons and daughters will prophesy." God is releasing a prophetic anointing on the youth who desperately need spiritual fathers and mothers to mentor them and cast the mantle.
Unity: Jesus prayed that we would be one just as He and the Father are one. Unity is not conforming to the doctrines, ideas, opinions, etc. of others, but a commitment to walk in covenant relationships with each other, despite our differences. Jesus said that unity would show the world that God sent Him and that God loved them. We believe that God is uniting the Body of Christ to reap a worldwide harvest into His Kingdom.
Giving: God loves a cheerful giver. We believe in the joyful and sacrificial giving of tithes and offerings as an expression of worship to God and as a means to expand His Kingdom.
Faith: It is impossible to please God without faith. We should endeavor to live by faith in God's Word as it pertains to every area of our life (i.e. spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and financially.)

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