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Greater Huntsville Pastors Prayer Summit (GHPPS) - Monthly Meeting


Greater Huntsville Pastors Prayer Summit

Greater Huntsville Pastors Prayer Summit

Monthly Mini-Summit
April 2008
Mini-Summit Time

Mini-Summits occur the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

April Mini-Summit

Tuesday April 8th

Please note that the mini-summit for the month of April will be hosted by Willowbrook Baptist Church. The location and directions are included.

Meet and Greet: 10:00am
Prayer: 10:30am
Lunch: 12:00pm
Mini-Summit Location

Willowbrook Baptist Church
7625 Bailey Cove Rd SE
Huntsville, AL 35802
Phone:(256) 883-0907

Map and Directions

Steering Team

Please note there will also be a meeting of the Servant Leadership Team at 8:30am in the same location.
Host Possibilities? If your church or ministry would be willing to host a mini-summit one month, or you would like to recommend a location that may be a strategic site for a future month, please let us know! Email: Host Possibility

Host Ministry Highlight
Willowbrook Baptist Church


Willowbrook Baptist Church
7625 Bailey Cove Rd SE
Huntsville, AL 35802
Phone:(256) 883-0907

About Willowbrook

Willowbrook is a comfortable place for people to come and hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. We believe a need and a hunger for truth exist in the hearts of people. That truth transforms lives. Willowbrook focuses on offering a spiritual service — not just a religious service — that brings each of us closer to God.

The staff and congregation focus their energy on the theme "Building Faith and Family." It’s a theme that has come alive with excitement at Willowbrook. It applies to people in all walks of life and attracts all ages and all interests. Willowbrook is here to be a change agent in the lives of singles, families, and children — a church dedicated to building faith and family.

History of Willowbrook

"O Lord our God, all this abundance that we have provided to build this a house for Thy holy name, it is from Thy hand, and all is Thine." - I Chronicles 29:16

Willowbrook was founded in 1954 by three families from Northside Baptist Church. It was originally named Hymer's Chapel Missionary Baptist Church after Mrs. Mamie Hymer, who deeded a half-acre of land on Bailey Cove for the church's first home in 1955. Additions were made to the one-room block building as needed and the name was changed to Willowbrook Community Baptist Church in 1966.

In 1969, the Willowbrook congregation moved to a temporary location during construction of a larger facility on a 10-acre site. The 122-member church began holding services in the new facility in 1970.

Willowbrook has since undergone expansions to its education wing and Worship Center. The church had 536 members when construction began on a new 700-seat Worship Center in 1985.
On November 23, 1997, Willowbrook dedicated its new facility, which included expansion to the Worship Center, education wing, children's wing and recreational and youth facilities.

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Christ Our Passover - Pastors Luncheon (4/2), City-Wide Celebration (4/15)

Christ Our Passover

"I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse;
And in you (Abraham) all the families of the earth shall be blessed." (Gen. 12:3)

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 15, 2008, North Hall, VBC in Huntsville. The annual CHRIST OUR PASSOVER celebration and Unity Banquet will again be attended by a cross section of Christians from the greater Huntsville area!

However, prepare yourself for something unprecedented this year! In response to the foregoing scriptural directive, and promise of God's favor from Genesis 12:3, the Christian community will express unconditional love and blessing to the Jewish community through our annual citywide offering this year. This offering will be designated for specified local charities in the Jewish community and humanitarian efforts in Israel.

Why? Christians in particular and the world in general, owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people.

"They were pleased to do it, and indeed they owe it to them. For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews' spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings." (Romans 15:27)

While there are ever cycling, geopolitical/religious, elements in our world that have invariable sought to destroy Israel and the Jewish people, the Christian church must seek to bless them! We must be like our Lord and love all of humanity, but we must give honor where honor is due (Romans 9:4-5, 13:7) - God chose Abraham and his Jewish decedents for the unique purpose of blessing all the families of the earth, including yours and mine in ways too numerous to mention.

Consider the extent of blessing that might come upon our city, and our area, as a result of this extraordinary expression of gratitude from the corporate Christian community. Will you be part of it? Will you assist in making this happen in a profound way? Prayerfully consider how you will get involved and spread the word. You will be blessed!

In His Service
Robert S. Somerville
Director, Christ Our Passover

Pastors Luncheon

Wednesday, April 2, 11:30 am
Tai Pan Restaurant
(Corner of Governors Drive and Memorial Parkway)
Near Rock Family Worship Center

To Pastors and Servant Leaders,

You are invited to join with me and other city pastors and servant leaders for an overview luncheon of the CHRIST OUR PASSOVER 2008 Celebration. I would like to share our vision for this celebration, how we plan to bless the city (Jeremiah 29:6-8), and the special expression of gratitude we will be making toward the Jewish community.

Questions, ideas, and suggestions will also be solicited. Promotional materials and tickets will be available. Bring a fellow pastor! If unable to attend, please try to send a representative.

I look forward to seeing you at the luncheon!


Christ Our Passover 2008
Celebration & Unity Banquet

Von Braun Civic Center - North Hall
Tuesday, April 15th, 6-9pm

Christ Our Passover 2008 Brochure (PDF)

“Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us;
therefore let us keep the feast.” (1 Cor 5:7-8)

A Fellowship Meal with the Christian Family

Eating together is the universal gesture of love and acceptance in every culture. The Kingdom of God is no exception. Jesus chose the Hebrew “Seder” meal as His Last Supper to eat with the disciples. Through this unique meal, He demonstrated the lessons of love and unity that He desired in the body of Christ as He said to them at the table: "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another." (John 13:35)

We encourage you to reserve this evening, Tuesday, April 15, 2008, for celebrating Christian unity through the blood of Christ. When Israel left Egypt, it did not matter what tribe (church) they belonged to, it only mattered that the blood of the lamb was applied to their doorpost. The blood of God’s sacrificed lamb makes us one! [The evening banquet will be traditional, not a Seder meal.]

Everyone Welcome

Join believers from many streams of the Christian faith in celebrating together at this event of Holy Week. A dramatic demonstration of Christ in the Hebrew Seder (Passover) meal will be presented.

The Passover Prayer and Theme

It was during the Passover week that Jesus prayed His now famous prayer for unity: “I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word; that they all may be one . . . that the world may believe that You sent Me." (John 17:20-21)

Deliverance and Brotherhood/Unity are key lessons to be learned from the Passover Seder demonstration. That Christ can deliver us from every enslaving condition of mankind and humility is the key to unity! Jesus demonstrated these two lessons by offering the cup of blessing and washing the disciple feet.

A Gift to Bless the City

In 2007, a gift to bless the city was demonstrated through a citywide offering designated to helping the Downtown Rescue Mission. In 2006 it was toward the Huntsville Madison County Library and, more specifically, to the “Ready To Read” program for poor children of the city. In 2005, this blessing was given to the Huntsville Police Department for protective vests. In 2008, it will be a very special . . . Blessing for Blessing!

"I will make you [Abraham] a great nation . . . I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:2-3)

Christians in particular, and the world in general, owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people for the many blessings we have received. In response to the foregoing promise of God, we will express unconditional love and blessing to the Jewish community through this annual citywide offering. It will be designated for local needs and international humanitarian works.

"For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings." (Rom 15:27-28 NIV)

It is God’s promise! The city of Huntsville will be blessed as a result of this united Christian effort to bless the nation of Israel and the Jewish community! We encourage you to attend the Christ Our Passover banquet, take part in this Biblical celebration, and demonstrate practical Christianity through the material blessing of Abraham’s seed!

Admission Price

Admission price is $15 per plate, which will go entirely toward expenses. Our desire is for everyone to attend, and so we have developed a sponsorship program through individuals and churches for those who may need assistance to attend. Please call (256) 882-7651 to order your tickets or mail seat requests to P.O. Box 364, Huntsville, AL 35804.

We are confident that you will leave this celebration knowing you have genuinely honored your Lord!

Christ Our Passover 2008 Brochure (PDF)

Von Braun Center Map - 700 Monroe Street - Huntsville, Alabama 35801 -

PLEASE NOTE THAT TICKETS ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR! You must acquire tickets beforehand due to the VBC needing to ensure appropriate seating and food preparations for the banquet and celebration.

Tickets available at the following locations:

LifeWay Christian Store
1810 University Dr Nw
Huntsville, AL 35801-5743
Phone: (256) 533-0660
LifeWay Huntsville

Or Call: 882-7651

For information on sponsorship (to donate or request assistance), please call 882-7651

Comments from several Area Pastors!

“I am delighted to enthusiastically endorse the Christ Our Passover celebration. In my opinion this activity has made a significant impact on the Christian community in helping them gain a clearer understanding of the history of the Judeo-Christian roots of the Christian faith. A number of former participants have commented to me how helpful this event has been in enhancing their understanding of the faith.” Rev Dr. John L. Herndon, Fellowship Presbyterian Church (USA)

“I have personally participated in the Christ Our Passover celebration and it has been an enriching spiritual experience for me. I encourage any and all who can to participate this year, Tuesday, April 3, 2007.” Pastor Garry Jordan

“I continue to marvel at the unique contribution the Christ our Passover event brings to our city - and region! It has a way of creatively uniting the Body of Christ while at the same time linking Hebrew and Christian sensitivities and understandings of the world God has created and continues to create! Who knows what ‘new thing’ the Holy One will bring about this year through this most meaningful celebration of unity!” Rev Frank Broyles, Faith Presbyterian Church

“This event is one that crosses the barriers of Church Denominations and allows us to come as one through our Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ. I encourage the Body of Christ, throughout the entire region, to come and ‘keep the feast’ together at the Christ Our Passover celebration.” Pastor Rusty Nelson, Rock Family Worship Center

Burning Hearts Huntsville - Preparation and Prayer


City-Wide Youth and College Outreach
Free Event!

7pm April 21-22, 2008
Monday & Tuesday night
VBC Concert Hall

Dear Pastors and Friends,

There will be a city-wide outreach event scheduled for April 21-22, 2008 at the Von Braun Civic Center Concert Hall in Huntsville, Alabama. This time of worship and personal revival is aimed at high school and college students and young career adults.

Becky Tirabassi, nationally known author, motivational speaker, life coach and founder of Change Your Life Daily, Inc. will be the guest speaker for both nights. Becky has been a guest on Joyce Meyer’s TV Program, Focus on the Family’s radio program with Dr. James Dobson and Life Today with James Robinson. Becky also serves on Lou Engle’s Advisory Board in addition to hosting Burning Hearts Events with thousands in attendance. Her message for all ages is a challenge to live “a pure and holy life set ablaze with passion for Jesus”. See the attached article from Christianity Today magazine.

In addition to the evening events, Becky will host a Tuesday morning session with all pastors and campus ministry leaders to train, motivate and encourage our leaders to more effectively reach these young adults and plug them into our local churches.

Our desire is to network the body of Christ in this region together for the purpose of reaching this generation of young people. We understand this task is too big for any individual church. That is why we desire your attendance, involvement and support to publicize this event in your “sphere of influence” (friends, church, TV program, radio broadcasts, newspaper ads . . .)

We believe that God wants all of us, including this generation of young people, to possess a heart that is passionate for Him. Our prayer and deep longing is to see revival capture the souls of this generation.

This FREE EVENT is open to the public. For additional information contact me at 683-3712 or, also go to

Sammie Laster Burning Hearts Huntsville Event Coordinator

P.S. Info. on Becky T. @

Article from Christianity Today (Young, Restless, and Ready for Revival)
Video Online
Flyers Downloadable

Sponsors of this event: Mission Huntsville and First Priority Alabama of Greater Huntsville,

Preparing the Way in Prayer

City-Wide Intercessory Prayer focused upon this time and the young people in our community have been occurring regularly and moving around to different host locations in the city. In April these will be hosted on campuses around the community.

Bless you,
Sammie Laster (, 683-3712 (for more info)

If you would prefer not to receive area-wide Prayer Summit reminders, please send the email address to remove to THANKS!